Nick Bugeja is a passionate Web Developer, Photographer, and Digital Creative based in the beautiful island of Gozo, Malta. Born in the United States, and raised in Malta,  Nick’s passion for all -things creative began from an early age. Before he was 10, he possessed the innate ability to proficiently understand the concepts of computer programming.


As a self-taught child prodigy, Nick was employed as a programmer at just 16 years of age, and within a span of 3 years worked on a number of successful large-scale projects. At 17, he began teaching a short course on Graphic Design & Web Development with a local education centre. Before he knew it, he was also delving into a wide range of other artistic outlets, including music production, motion graphics, design, and cinematography.


Currently, Nick works as a freelance Web Developer & Designer, as well as a Photographer & Videographer. He is also the proud Co-Founder of the renowned Instagram page, LoveMalta (@LoveMalta), which is the largest Instagram influencer for the enchanting Maltese islands.


Nick Bugeja’s has made it his life mission to inspire people through the universal language of art. For some inspiration, follow Nick on Instagram @NickBugeja.